Malayalam Movies going 3D


Poster from 3D film Raktharakshas

It was in 1984, when director Jijo Punnoose made the first 3D film in India titled ‘My Dear Kuttichathan’, that the India know about the chances of three dimension Indian films. Jijo and his team did extensive research on the topic, visited Hollywood studios and theaters across India to bring the 3D magic before the audience. But it didn’t paved a way for other directors due to various reasons.

It’s not the same anymore. Young directors of Malayalam are all set to make 3D movies.

Here is the list of movies announced by various directors, which will be made in 3D :
‘Kamasutra’ by Rupesh Paul (English, Hindi, Spanish), ‘Muppathu Vellikkasu’ by Kurian Varnasala, ‘Raktharakshassu’ by Rupesh Paul, ‘No Parking’ by Fazil, Manthrika ‘Thakkol’ by Ramachandra Babu, ‘Dracula 2012’ by Vinayan, ‘Myavoo Myavoo Karimpoocha’ by Bipin Shankar and Amal Neerad’s ‘Arival Chuttika Nakshatram’.

“There is a digital craze that is happening across the globe. And technology is so advanced that it’s now easy to make a 3D movie in the digital format,” says director Amal Neerad, who is planning to make his next, ‘Arival Chuttika Nakshathram, in 3D. Amal says, making a 3D movie is not so expensive anymore. “It can be made with a small budget since all the equipment is available in India itself,”

Rupesh Paul, who is working on his third 3D movie, shares that there are lot of viable options to make a 3D movie. “If you want to make a good 3D movie, just the 3D part alone will cost around 85 lakhs to 1 crore. But thanks to the digital revolution, there are a lot of options today. You can even get a 3D digital handi-cam for just 1.25 lakh. Also, there is another option to shoot the movie in 2D and later convert it to 3D,” he says.

It looks like 3D is here to stay.

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