Vijaykanth launching son Shanmuga Pandian

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Shanmuga Pandian son of Vijayakanth

Vijaykanth is now very busy as a politician. But he will be sparing time to launch his younger son Shanmuga Pandian as an actor in Tamil. “I will produce the maiden heroic venture of my son. After that he has to stand on his own,” says an excited Vijayakanth. Shanmuga Pandian, who is doing his under graduation at a college in Chennai, is getting vigorous training in fights and dance.

“He wants to debut as actor in Tamil. So I feel it is my responsibility as a father to support his decision,” Vijaykanth says.

Reportedly, Vijaykanth and his son together have heard a lot of scripts, the opposition leader of Tamil Nadu Assembly say, “I am also listening to scripts from aspiring directors. So I will zero in on one and make a formal announcement.”

Optimistic about his son making it big in Kollywood, the actor-politician says, “Right from his childhood, he is a great lover of action movies. Now he is paining himself to take shape as an acceptable action hero. Hard work never fails.” Shanmuga Pandian is hitting the gym regularly and taking dance and martial-arts lessons to prepare for movies.

Vijayakanth and wife Premalatha have two sons, Prabhakaran and Shanmuga Pandian.

vijayakanth family wife premalatha sons shanmuga pandian and prabhakaran

Vijayakanth with wife Premalatha, sons Shanmuga Pandian and Prabhakaran

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